Hello. I'm Fraser.

Here’s 3 things to know about me. If you care to.

Thing one. I’m co-founder at Nickelled.

With Nickelled, web companies build step-by-step tutorials that turn their inactive users into engaged customers. As a digital product designer, it’s a luxury and a pleasure to help great people solve their problems everyday.

Thing two. I’m homeless.

Well… not properly. Just in a sort of middle-class privileged kinda way.

In my pursuit of a ‘minimal lifestyle’ I’ve turned my back on mortgages, long-term rental contracts and squashed my worldly possessions into a 22-litre backpack. Minimise to maximise.

Thing three. I’m a perpetual traveller.

Adopting a pure digital lifestyle means I don’t have to be anywhere… so why be anywhere in particular?

Coffee shops, co-working spaces and the kitchen table become my office – enabling a life of long term travel.

Over the last two years, I’ve made home (and friends) wherever I lay my hat: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

Here's some things I've been involved in.